CollectEffect - About Us
Cory, Noah, and Sean - CollectEffect Founders

Our Mission

To capture the essence of an event so our customers can relive it again and again.

Our Story

Cory, Noah, and Sean, the three founders, share a love of sports and music. We've spent hours reminiscing on our favorite games, shows, and venues. Through our discussions we found we all had a similar problem: we kept our tickets as a way to preserve the memory of each event, but they were gathering dust in shoe boxes and desk drawers. We wanted to do something special with our tickets, to celebrate them and show them off, so we created a few displays ourselves to see if we could do our memories justice. We loved the way the prototypes came out, so we started conducting market research - talking to friends, family, and anyone who would listen. It quickly became apparent that we weren't alone, there were lots of people with the same problem, and we knew how to solve it. So we started collecteffect, and our hobby quickly grew into a passion.

Let us create something truly memorable for you!

Cory's Effects

My wife and have known each other for 17 years, and have been married for 7. Attending a Super Bowl was always on our bucket list. In 2014 the stars aligned and we were able to cross it off. Better yet, we were able to see my team (the Denver Broncos) play! The game didn't go as planned...the Broncos lost 43 to 8, but in the grand scheme of things it didn't matter. The entire weekend was magical and we'll always have the memories. We wanted to commemorate the event by displaying the tickets, but it seemed like the only way to do it was via a DIY craft project, which didn't do the memory justice.

collecteffect gives you the ability to quickly and easily create high quality works of art from your favorite event memories.

Super Bowl XLVII - Event Photo & Tickets Michelle & Cory at Super Bowl XLVII - 8 x 10 Display

Sean's Effects

Some of my favorite memories with my father were at Red Sox games - he started going as a kid while growing up in Boston 70 years ago, and passed the love down to my sisters and me. Towards the end of his battle with cancer, we were able to get him out to one last game. The Red Sox won for us, but the real magic of the game was being there with my Dad. He got his first chance to watch from the Green Monster seats, the one last view from Fenway he hadn’t had yet. I wanted something to capture this game forever and our collecteffect product did just that. I’ll never forget the look of joy on his face when I gave it to him. My mission for this company is to build these memories for everyone.

Red Sox Game on the Green Monster - Event Photo & Ticket Sean & Family on the Green Monster - 8 x 10 Display

Noah's Effects

When considering which event to choose for my first display my mind immediately went to my early years spent at Fenway. Either my first Red Sox game with my father, or one of the many games I 'enjoyed' with my cousin, an obnoxious yet loveable Yankees fan. I also worked my way through more recent events - Bruins and Patriots playoff appearances (unlike Cory I've yet to check a trip to the Super Bowl off my bucket list) - and even a surprise trip to the Frozen Four by my beloved UMass Minutemen. While all of these games were great memories that I want to preserve, they didn't quite stand up to the most important event of recent memory - my engagement to my lovely fiancée, Sarah. We took a trip to Paris to celebrate and luckily we had plenty of pictures and quite a few tickets from museums and attractions we visited during our stay.

With the trip to Paris as our inspiration, we created our first collecteffect travel display, and I couldn't be happier with the way it came out! We now have a wonderful reminder of our time together in Paris hanging in our apartment, and it brings a smile to my face every time I glance at it.

Vacation in Paris - Event Photo & Tickets Noah and Sarah at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris - 8 x 10 Display