10 ideas for what to do with your box of ticket stubs
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10 ideas for what to do with your box of ticket stubs…and more stub love

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Ears ringing after the encore finishes, still high-fiving after that last-minute team win, moments you don’t want to let go. You finally get home and empty your pockets, there it is, the glorious ticket stub, looking at it the moment lives on a bit longer. You find you can’t let it go so it gets tossed into that box in your closet. There it sits collecting dust. Sure, you go through it every now and then…and out come all the feels, the best of memories flood back. Back to the set lists from your favorite bands touring in their prime. Your first game with your parents or first trip as a parent to the ballgame. The game winning play to your favorite college team. Or movie tickets from opening nights or first dates.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are far from alone, we polled over 500 sports and music fans and found:

  • Over 64% keep their ticket stubs from concerts, games, and other live events
  • Of those more than 83% end up relegating those beautiful keepsakes to the back of their closet.

Box of Ticket Stubs - CollectEffect

Yet almost all have ambition to do something more. If you are nodding your head, keep reading to find some inspiration and motivation.

Why do we keep our tickets? According to those we asked, it’s for a number of reasons, for some they capture the excitement of the crowd and the memories of those we share the experiences with. For others it represents a passion, years spent wandering with a band around the world or the ups and downs of sports fandom.

At CollectEffect we love ticket stubs and all the nostalgia they hold; you can say it’s our passion! Our mission is to help display the joy proudly throughout your home or office, so to help out here are a few ideas on displaying ticket stubs. We will also talk about how to organize collections of stubs and lastly how to preserve tickets.

10 great ways to display ticket stubs:

  1. Ticket Album
  2. Home furniture
  3. Framed Collections
  4. Glassware
  5. Phone Case
  6. Key Chain
  7. Papier-mâché
  8. Pillow
  9. Shadow Box
  10. Glass Lamp

Read for details or scroll down for pros and cons of top ticket stub displays, obviously our favorite is number 3.

Any of these also make for great gift ideas to a passionate fan in your life. When ties or candles are no longer options, ticket stub displays score extra points on the thoughtfulness scale. Capture those cherished experiences together and give the memory of a first concert or first game together.

1. Ticket Album

Be it a special gift for the significant other, or a way to say thank you to Dad or Mom for influencing your love of sports, music, or travel, or simply looking for a perfectly unique way to make your office or home walls happy…here are ten great ticket stub display options:

Ticket Stub Album

Personalized Ticket Stub Album

The timeless standard. Declutter a shoe box or drawer and grab an album online. Here are two solid (non affiliate) options, Ticket Stub Diary and a personalized album. These are complete with plastic slots to protect stubs from fading. Perfect for all sorts of sizes. Organize by date, team, band, or free-form. Pull it out from time to time to transport yourselves back to the buzz of the crowd.

2. DIY Home Decoration

If handy or crafty has a home on your resume then this option might be perfect for you. Wood, lacquer, glue – use those ticket stubs to transform a standard table top or wall hanging. Below are a few creative examples we found and links to how to’s:

Rouse House design has an awesome table top covering that converts to wall art using concert ticket stubs. Check out their site for info on how they made it.

Ticket Stub Table

Here is another example using comic books for another cool take on creating a personalized table top. This could be done the same way with a box of ticket stubs.

Because these are fun to watch, here is one more time lapse example of a basement bar top crafted into a ticket stub lovers masterpiece. Cheers to the memories...

3. Custom Framed Ticket Collections

The best place for ticket stubs is where they can be seen, they start conversations, elicit a passing smile and brighten your day just a bit as they bring you back to the crowd. Make your walls happy with framed ticket stub prints.

Two ways to accomplish, first it can be down the DIY way – head to Michaels or other craft store for some posterboard, glue, and a frame size that works with your collection. Determine how to organize them or read below for ideas. Then decorate the empty canvas with your tickets, apply the frame, hang, and enjoy.

Or better yet, let someone else professionally craft your box of stubs! CollectEffect specializes in custom ticket collections. Snap pictures of your stubs and upload them to our site. We professionally edit the photos and you won’t be able to tell the different between the actual ticket. We work with you to get the perfect design and you never have to worry about getting messy or losing stubs in the mail.

Dave Matthews Band Collection by CollectEffect

Pair with your favorite pictures from the event. Kids’ first game, family reunion, bachelor party, first date, unlock the memories in that ticket stub and re-live the event over and over. CollectEffect personalized event memories are great gift and always come with free shipping.

4. Glassware

Start your morning reliving Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo through your ticket stub coffee mug. Or cheers to that walk off home run every time you crack one open with a ticket stub beer stein. There are a variety of sites where you can create what will quickly become your favorite mug to sit, relax, and await your next concert or game. Our favorites (non affiliate) include Zazzle, Shutterfly, Snapfish. Simply pick a design that works for you and upload your ticket photos.

Red Sox World Series Mug

Pearl Jam Stein

5. Phone case

Supposedly we look at our phones over 100 times a day…well why not get a smile each time when you wrap it in your world series ticket. Protection from a toilet drop…or the dreaded screen crack. Do so in style with your favorite ticket stubs. Choose from multiple designs on Zazzle.

Ticket Stub Phone Case

6. Keychain

Why not take your favorites stubs with you on the go. A great reason never to lose your keys…Pick a single event or squeeze a few of the best into your palm. Templates available at Zazzle.

Super Bowl Ticket Keychain

7. Papier-mâché

The kids classic makes a triumphant return as a great way to use old ticket stubs. (Note you may want to create digital copies of your stubs – once you go papier-mâché there is no going back…) Get dirty and create a unique way to display ticket stubs.

Ticket stub football

Been a while since kid’s craft day? Here are step by step instructions on how to papier-mâché including making the paste all from Spruce Crafts.

8. Create a stub pillow

Do you love throw pillows or maybe you are looking for ways to simply feign interest in throw pillows. Create ones that connect comfort with your experiences. Have a few favorite games or concerts? In need of new couch pillows? Check two boxes! Turn a few of your favorite events together into pillows to boast about. Here is a cool site we found to upload your stubs into pillows.

Ticket Pillows

9. Shadow Box

Dump your box into another box, but this one can be displayed. Shadow boxes create an exciting scattered artistic effect. Plus any new ticket from your next adventure can easily be dropped in no problem!

10. Clear glass lamp

Run to the nearest Marshalls, HomeGoods or local home store. Grab a clear glass lamp, take it home and fill it with you ticket stubs. Storage and unique design great for maximizing the use of a small space. A few display examples of lamps and shadow boxes from Pinterest.

Pros and Cons

Still unsure of the best option for your collection? Here is a buyer’s guide of pros and cons for picking the best way to display your ticket stubs:

Pros Cons
Ticket Album Bring some organization to that box of stubs, cuddle up on the couch and flip down memory lane with an album Will likely now take up space on your bookshelf or end up back in the closet
DIY Your imagination is the limit, create truly unique ticket stub pieces Knowledge, time, and willingness to learn are all prerequisites
Framed Wall Art Epic displays show off your passions and spurs great conversations with visitors Revisit your favorite times every day Depending on size can run a few extra dollars on the cost side
Glassware Have your morning coffee with the setlist from your favorite concert Small size means more tickets stay in the box unless you have a need for fifty coffee mugs
Phone case Text with fingers of fury while showing off your coolest events Limited real estate to play with
Key Chain A daily smile provided by your favorite event every time you leave the house Forced to pick favorites, limited size doesn’t allow for celebration of collections
Papier-mâché Super unique way to get those tickets out of the closet Messy. messy. messy. Tickets are gone once used here so make sure to make digital copies
Pillows A reason to love decorative pillows, capture a first date or anniversary event in style, then cozy up with your memories Solid for individual events, limited real estate to display collections
Shadow Box Easy to stuff tickets in right after the event as you walk in the door Doesn’t provide the full wow piece conversation starter
Glass Lamp Unique element to a living room or bedroom Jumbled nature of the tickets makes it hard to relive each memory

Hopefully inspiration has struck and you feel motivated to get those ticket stubs out of the closet and display them in all their glory. Whichever way you go we would love to see your finished pieces and even post them on our site. Send images and stories to stories@collecteffect.com

If you are looking for someone to do the work for you, at CollectEffect we'd love to hear about your project. Drop us a note, professional designers are eager to chat. designs@collecteffect.com