5 Thoughtful Ways to Organize Ticket Stub Collections
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5 Thoughtful Ways to Organize Ticket Stub Collections

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90s Rock Band ticket collage

We often get asked: how do you organize ticket collections for your clients? Or where do I start? I have this random box filled with all these events that I have been to over the last 10-20+ years of my life. What are the best ways to organize my ticket stubs? This is one of our favorite questions, it allows us to work with someone to understand why their events are meaningful, what memories come up, and determine the unique elements for each individual. We wanted to share some of that with this post. Here is an overview of ways to organize your ticket stub collections with some of our favorite examples. In addition some helpful tips for ways to preserve those wonderful memories.

5 Ways to organize ticket stubs - collecteffect

By Year(s)

We all have years in our lives that stand out as particularly meaningful or rich with memories. Many of those reflect the passions of a time in our life. Capture that passion, be it following a band across the country or Europe, or a favorite team reaching their peak at the height of your interest. Four years spent a college or the first season your child was cognitive of their gameday experiences. Whatever it may be, that time is worth capturing. Structure your organization by year and group the most meaningful.

CollectEffect 4 Years of Football

By Special Event

If you are reading this blog, there is likely a major event in your life that involves a sporting event or concert or Broadway show. A first date, or engagement evening, the first time you take a child to a game, the last fathers/Mother’s Day. These events are worth capturing and remembering. Create a customized display that allows you to bring that event into your conscious daily existence and add an extra smile or two to your day.

CollectEffect Bachelor Party Collection CollectEffect First Game Collection

By Team or Band/Group

This section is for the super fans.

Phish. Pearl Jam. Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead

Notre Dame. St Louis Cardinals. Alabama. Packers. Michigan.

If you fall into those fanbases or find yourself incensed that your band or team isn’t there. Then chances are you have had some incredible experiences following your passion.

You are one of those rabid fans who knows how to tailgate, where the best food inside exists and where the bathroom with no lines is hidden. You have amassed an incredible trove of loyalty with your ticket stubs.

One that deserves to be showcased. Organizing your stubs in this way creates an epic story of your experiences with the group that resonates deep within you. What better centerpiece to show off in your home and show off your travels? CollectEffect Phish Collection

By People

Looking back on games, concerts or shows. One of three things stand out, the grandness of the event like the Superbowl, opening night, or playoffs. The event itself defines the memory. Second is the timelessness of the event, a missed field goal sending your team to the playoffs, the debut of a now famous Broadway actress, the memory of that event is worth holding onto. Last and most common, the event is defined by the people we were with. Father and son, Mother and daughter, newlyweds, first date, grandparents, you name it. The people you are with make it worthwhile. Group tickets by the important people you shared the experience with, your best friend who can’t resist wearing the band’s t-shirt to the concert, or the parent who founded your love of this team. Group those tickets together and smile at all the times you’ve spent together. Don’t forget to order a copy for their gift 😉

CollectEffect Broadway Collection

Father and Son Yankees Ticket Collection

By Trip

A friend and I try to take an annual baseball road trip where we seek out new stadiums. The trip has become quite the special occasion especially now that we both have families. Recently, I made a collage of all the stadiums we had visited together and what a piece it turned out to be. So, if you have a group of friends or loved ones that do an annual trip or a single once in a lifetime trip. Proudly display in your home or gift to those in your life that you want to see smile.

CollectEffect Travel Collection

Airline tickets, museum admissions, national park maps, when we travel we collect little elements that create the lasting memories of our trips. These gathered together make a great conversation starter and way to bring you back to those far off cultural experiences.

CollectEffect Travel Collection


Event sponsor tickets each have their own unique look. Ticketmaster, LiveNation, the shows change but the tickets have a similar look and feel. This can create an aesthetically pleasing design when grouped together. They are similar sizes which allows for easily crafting design layouts. Other themes could be around a music genre e.g. 90s rock.

CollectEffect Epic Collections

How to frame ticket stubs

My favorite way to display stubs is on the wall throughout my home and office. That is exactly the reason we started CollectEffect, to unlock those memories for others. We started our Collections product because we have been lucky enough to see some of the incredible stashes of tickets that represent people’s deep passions. Bands are a big one, fans use the tours of their favorite band as an excellent excuse to travel and experience a new city. The result of this is unique experiences with new and old friends where the constant remains the music that bonds them together.

When it comes to framing, it comes down to two ways to create a masterpiece of ticket stubs that will drive conversations in your home for years to come: Crafting or Digital.

Craft or Digital

Crafting involves hitting up the local craft store for some glue and pasting the actual ticket stubs to create a frame, table, or whatever else your heart can dream. Since we extensively covered crafting above, let’s consider a second approach.

A hypothesis we have tested with our customers to positive feedback is the alternative. We sought to answer whether you need to use the actual ticket stubs or can they be replicated digitally. Through feedback we have learned the digital version does a fantastic job of representing the ticket and opens the door to more creative avenues to display your tickets. As we covered above the options expand to include uploaded ticket images on anything from a mug to an iPhone case.

To create a library of digital tickets. Grab your camera, any newer smartphone camera will be more than enough for quality images and follow these tips for top notch ticket images:

  1. Use consistent lighting, pick a time where the light will remain constant for the duration with no direct glare
  2. Place each ticket on a solid color background with no overlapping shadows
  3. Hold the phone parallel to the ticket so the top of the ticket is the same size as the bottom

Cropping and uploading

  1. Capture the measurement of each ticket to the 1/16 of an inch
  2. Using photoshop or other editing software, crop the image to the dimensions of the ticket to provide a life size replica. For photoshop cropping tips follow this link.
  3. Save digital tickets to cloud storage, (iCloud, dropbox, google, etc…)

You now have a digital collection of all your tickets. These can be used to create a number of products or as a digital album to share. If this sounds like too much effort, CollectEffect does this all for you, follow this link and send us your photos. We will crop, touch up, and store for you, then create awesome elements for your home or office.

With your ticket collection safely uploaded to the cloud, you can ease worries about fading or a pipe burst ruining the collection. Keep the box with the hard copies, and if you worry about long term here are a few ways to preserve ticket stubs.

As mentioned above, one surefire way is taking a digital picture and uploading your collections into cloud storage iCloud, dropbox, Google etc.

Box of stubs

If you prefer the physical stub here are a few ways to increase longevity:

  1. Plastic baseball card holders – Mainly used for baseball cards but work great for most ticket stubs sizes. An inexpensive way to protect from bends and rips in bulk!
  2. Seal them up, use a Mod Podge, glue sealer and finisher. Goes on milky and dries clear, apply two coats for greater preservation. Test on an expendable sample ticket first. Available at any craft store (Michaels or most Walmart’s) – How to video
  3. Resin – Another option and more tricky. If interested here is an entire site dedicated to resin crafting

Ticket stubs, they mean something to us. They bring us back to a special time with those special people. You have always been meaning to do something with those tickets so they don’t have to sit in the closet any longer. Now you have all the information you need. Get out there and show the world your memories, or have us do it for you!

Whatever way you choose, send us a picture of how you capture your memories, we’d love to see it and even feature it out our channels: photos@collecteffect.com