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8 reasons sports rock regardless of the score…even if someone spills a beer

Posted in Sports by Sean

Sunset baseball

We can’t always get that ninth inning walk-off, three-point buzzer beater, pull-the-goalie goal, or Hail Mary touchdown. While those moments are special, live sports events are awesome for so many reasons. Here are our favorite reasons to remember a game, regardless of the score.

1. First Dates

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What better way to make a first impression than by splurging for tickets to a local game? Do I like this person??? Hmm I think I do…oh my gawd…quick I need more things to talk about…well what better way to fill those awkward silences than live action. At the ballpark, first memories of a relationship are created, foundations are built, and a great meeting story to be told for years has its beginning.

2. Little One’s First Game

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Parents dream of the day when their son or daughter is old enough to walk up that ramp to get their first glimpse of their favorite place. The vivid greenness of the field strikes them for the first time, their eyes go wide, and the smile even wider. You bask in the satisfaction that you are on track in your duty to pass on team loyalties.

3. Anniversary

How many years has it been?? Time flies and a trip to the ballpark or arena makes for a great way to celebrate. The high fives, hugs, and excitement create the perfect experience to celebrate togetherness.

4. Bachelor party

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That feeling when you haven’t been together as a group in a long time, but the second you all meet up it all comes back. The jokes fly like old times and the stories come running back. Those awkward teen years, college shenanigans, first girlfriends, the dares, the antics…it all feels right. Now it’s time to create more stories -- the bachelor party is the ultimate reunion.

5. Game with grandparents

Take in the knowledge of your elders and carry it forward another generation. Hear the stories that never get told about the players from yesteryear. Why do today’s players have it so easy? Tickets used to cost how much?! Connecting one generation of fan to another, what a memory.

6. Family reunion

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The uncle who always got a little too into the game, the cousin with an opinion about every player, the aunt who is nervous things are going to fall apart no matter the score. And you wouldn’t have it any other way, all the personalities together to take in those bright lights and big moments.

7. Birthday

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What better way to celebrate a birthday than with 65,000 of your closest friends cheering and celebrating alongside you?!?!

8. Fathers day / Mothers day

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The feels come out in force, the pink cleats, bats, and ribbons. No better way to celebrate the team allegiance gifted to (or forced upon) you by mom or dad than sharing a game experience together.

Haven’t been able to enjoy one of these moments in a while? Call up a loved one and get some tickets! The beauty of any of these moments is they make a great gift for him, her, a parent or grandparent, a friend, or someone else special to you. And after you take it all in, talk with one of our designers today to create a beautiful display piece for your home or office that captures your game memory forever.

What’s your favorite personal game moment? Share it with us on social! @collect_effect